an acronym for Sustainable for Environmental; Climate Change Association was formed through initiatives of people at grassroots level in Arusha City March 2012. SECCA is headquartered in Mbeya City in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, with one branch office in Mwanza and a Liaison office in Dar es Salaam. SECCA operates to facilitate environmental conservation and protection.



By trapping heat, they contribute to climate change and respiratory diseases brought on by smog and air pollution. Other repercussions of climate change brought on by greenhouse gases include extreme weather, interruptions in the food supply, and a rise in wildfires.

What part does carbon play in global warming?

Carbon is a component of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat near to the Earth. It aids in keeping the energy that Earth receives from the Sun from all escaping back into space. The ocean on Earth would be completely frozen if it weren’t for carbon dioxide.


What function does carbon serve in the natural world?

The basic foundation of life on Earth is carbon. The Earth’s temperature is regulated by carbon molecules, which are also

Tapping opportunities arising from the carbon trade

a) Develop and operationalize National Carbon Trading Guidelines and Regulations by 2023;

b.) Conduct an assessment on potential ecosystems and sectors for attracting carbon credits trade by 2024; 91

c.)Develop and implement a program on gender empowerment for carbon credit by 2025.

d.) Develop and implement awareness-raising and capacity-building programmes on procedures, accessibility, and potential buyers of carbon credits by 2025;

e.) Develop plans in at least 20% of village forest reserves participating in voluntary carbon markets and REDD+ regimes by 2026;

f.) Develop and implement programme/projects on voluntary carbon markets and REDD+ regimes in the least 20% of village forest reserves by 2026;

g.) Develop and implement at least 5 agro-processing industries projects geared to generate energy and carbon credit by 2032 this inline with our National Environmental Master Plan 2022 (National Environmental MASTER PLAN-English_eBOOK_FINAL.pdf)

To describe how carbon dioxide contributes to global warming.


Carbon dioxide’s role in global warming

  1. A greenhouse gas known as carbon dioxide absorbs solar radiation and maintains the temperature of the atmosphere above the earth.
  2. As a result, the earth remains a warm globe. However, the excessive increase in atmospheric CO2 causes temperatures to rise above average, leading to global warming.
  3. Rapid environmental changes are brought on by industrialization, urbanization, etc.
  4. This is projected to add 6000 metric tons of carbon dioxide to the environment each year.
  5. According to studies, the 20th century’s unchecked rise in greenhouse gases is to blame for an increase of 0.4C in the average atmospheric temperature.